NCAA Pimpology

The NCAA is an organization that makes gigantic profits off of college athletics, players and teams. They also enforce the rules they’ve set aside for those members of the NCAA to follow.


The NCAA has come under a lot of scrutiny lately for their practices related to athletes and their professional status. The NCAA is like a pimp amongst a bunch of low paid prostitutes.

But the latest fiasco involving actual prostitutes and the University of Louisville Men’s Basketball program has many people’s blood boiling.


The wrong doings that went on during the 2010-2014 seasons is just beginning to surface. An internal investigation was launched after madam Katina Powell published a book called The Cardinal Rules. Inside the book she claims that she rendered services for the men’s basketball program by bringing in dancers who performed exotic dancing and sex acts for current players and recruits.


This is an ongoing investigation between the University of Louisville and the NCAA. It could take months for anything to come to fruition or for any penalties to be issued. One thing looks certain, the University is guilty in some form or fashion.


These allegations and the internal investigation by the University has prompted them to a self imposed post season ban for the 2015-2016 season. This means that the University of Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team will not be playing the ACC conference basketball tournament held every year in Charlotte, NC.


The team will also consider themselves ineligible for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The field of 68 usually includes the U of L Men’s basketball program. In fact, they actually won the tournament and were crowned champions of the 2013 national basketball title.


The self-imposed post-season ban is normally a proactive way for a university to acknowledge they have violated the rules. Often times a preemptive self-imposed post-season ban will sometimes lesson the overall punishment dished out by the NCAA.


The real travesty in all of this is that the University is doing nothing more than trying to save face. Hoping for a lesser penalty and to go ahead and impose sanctions upon themselves for the sake of “getting it over with” is nothing less than absurd.


What about the graduate transfer students that came here with post-season aspirations? What about the kids who play here and had NOTHING to do with the school’s previous wrongdoings?


Why are they left to suffer while someone like Tom Jurich can go and take a position in sunny southern California with an increased salary wit h no consequence at all while the innocent student athletes are left to pay the price?


Life long dreams of a kid who grew up thinking one day he too could play in the NCAA tournament. Kids who uprooted their entre lives in pursuit of such a dream only to have it completely shattered by a bunch of overpaid punks.


I guess head coach Rick Pitino can take the head coaching position at UNLV with little to no consequence as well. That’s the rumblings anyway. I mean why wouldn’t he? Sunshine, money, legalized gambling and position seem fitting for such a leader of this this program in turmoil.

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