The Won and Done

Lately there’s been a lot of controversy in college sports regarding the one and done rule.  College basketball to be exact and more particularly John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats are the hot topic of many sports talk show’s discussions.  Calipari

But let’s not forget that while Coach Cal takes much of the scrutiny for the this type of practice, others are having great success with it as well.  All without the criticism.

In walks Coach Krywshjchki.  Better know as Coach K of the Dook Blue Devils.

Somehow this media darling has recruited the one and done player over the last several years with little to no criticism when compared to Coach Cal of Kentucky.

Coach Cal has long been labeled as dirty.  He’s a cheater.  He pays players to come to his school.  He helps them cheat.  Ironically, Coach Cal has never been mentioned or found guilty in any allegations brought against former schools.

But Cal has made an art of teaching new players a new system year after year.  He takes the best players he can get and then helps them achieve their dreams.

The funny thing about all the critiquing of Coach Calipari is that he’s at arguably the best school in the history of college basketball.  So what is he SUPPOSED to do?  Go out and get the second best tier of players?  Is he somehow supposed to tell the best players he doesn’t want them to come and play for him?

Is Cal supposed to get second rate players and then coach them up or should he be doing exactly what it is he’s doing and going after the best players out there?

Tell Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide that they should only be recruiting 2 and 3 star players because all of those 4 and 5 star guys are going to want to leave early for the NFL Draft.  How do you think that would go over in Tuscaloosa?

So as long as the current college basketball rules allow or let me rephrase that.  As long as the rules REQUIRE that players are at least one year removed from school then i say let these 1 and done guys come to the college game.

Not all kids who enter college wind up returning for their sophomore years.  They have financial struggles or different aspirations and they aren’t penalized or scrutinized for their decisions.

Let these kids do what’s best for them and their families.  You never know, they might just return to school and finish their degrees some day when life’s circumstances are more accommodating.

I’m looking at you Jodie Meeks….



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