The New NCAA Rule That’s Actually GOOD for the Students

I for one have never been a really big fan of the NCAA.  The National College Athletics Association have long been labeled as the student athlete Nazis.  In my personal opinion I feel as though they are one of the biggest money hungry organizations in the country.



They exploit student athletes for profit all the while making up rules and regulations that prohibit those same students from profiting off of any of their efforts.

Student athletes are regulated as to how many peanut butter sandwiches they are allowed to consume in a day.  I mean, how can you tell someone they aren’t allowed to eat??  Especially considering the vast amount of calories a young college athlete expends on a daily basis training and going through the daily rigamarole as a college student.

I can recall my appetite at that age.  A young guy with a high metabolism coupled with a more than 1.5 mile commute to class made for some high caloric eating (and drinking) sessions.

But for all the evils the NCAA has committed over the decades, I must give them props on the new NBA combine rule.

In the past, student athletes who play college basketball only had a very limited time to confirm their decision to enter their names in the NBA Draft.

This short time period left many college basketball players with a haste decision on a whether to enter in the NBA Draft or to return to college for the following year.

Once a player enters their name into the draft, they are declared a professional and they cannot return to the college game.  Whether they are ever drafted or not is a moot point.

So in previous years the decision had to be made within one week of the end of season NBA Combine.  The Combine is where players are evaluated on skill, speed, agility and general talent.

It’s a rigorous camp where they go up against all the others trying out for their place in basketball’s professional pinnacle.

In year’s past, the student athlete was forced to declare or not declare for the NBA within one week.  Some coaches liked the rule in that they know more immediately if their player is returning or not.

This allows the coach to begin or shorten his recruiting efforts.  After all, the sooner I know you’re not returning the sooner I can start working on my incoming Freshmen class.

But this old rule put the student athlete in a poor position.  Often times they had to make the decision to take the NBA leap before they could gather adequate information from the scouts and agents as to their likelihood of getting drafted.

A few extra weeks to get complete evaluations from coaches, scouts, trainers and the NBA team organizations themselves will prove critical in allowing the student athlete to make the best decision for him and his family.

Often times players that attend the combine get good advice that they need one more year at the college level.  That their not quite ready for the man’s league.  Those who take heed often have much greater success in the NBA later on than those who enter prematurely.

So hats off to the NCAA for the new ruling decision.  All of the Kentucky Wildcat players thank you.

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