What You Can Do Here


At Sports fans team we let you have your say about the players who play for your favourite teams.  You can raise the roof for your favorite team! On our website you can drag and drop players into the positions in your squad where you think they should be playing. Once you are happy just submit your team and vote for your team and the other teams you like. We also let you leave comments about your favourite team, your competitor’s team, your sport at a national level or the sport at a global level.

We have created our website to make your ‘fan voice’ heard — There has never been a better tool for telling the world know what the fans really think, all in one place. We all have strong opinions about who should be playing in our sport team and who should not! If you are a fan of sport there are loads of comments and suggestions and feedback we wish we could give. But there has never been one place before, to give all this feedback!

Sports Fans Teams is the best place to tell your sport teams Manager what you really think of the decisions they are making. If you are a supporter of a national sports side or a more local team, you can create a page for your fellow sports fans to make comments on or even build their own “fan teams”. Seriously, think about it, wouldn’t this be the best way to get a feel of what all the fans are thinking?

On Sports Fans Teams website, you can create a “Sport”, then create the “Teams” who play in that sport, then create the “Players” who play in those teams, then create the actual “fan team” and submit it to our sport database. This way you have full control over what you want to have for your very own.

Then you can see the result of all the “fan teams” for certain time periods. So, we can finally see if the team who are actually playing are the same team the fans would have picked! You can also leave comments about the team in general or about the other “fan teams” people have selected and add your agreement to other great comments.

This is an incredible opportunity to say exactly what you want as you are the valued ‘fan’, so get in here and be a part of and leave an outstanding comment that tells us how you really feel!