The St. Louis Cardinals @ All-Star Break

As we come to the beginning of the All-Star break for Major League Baseball, I’d like to pause to take some time to talk about the number one team in the game: the St. Louis Cardinals.

One of baseball’s oldest and most treasured teams, the St. Louis Cardinals are having one of the best seasons in recent memory, taking on and conquering a trying schedule by any club’s measure.

They’re currently sitting on a 56-33 win/lose record (approximately 63% wins) at the beginning of the break, standing with the League’s seventh-best batting average at .257, tied with the Boston Red Sox, and 4th in the National League’s Central Division.

Considering the Cards have 40 batters (a whole 9 less than that of the Atlanta Braves), the team’s BA is remarkable and extremely close to the preferred average of about .300. The team’s batting average leader is none other than Matt Holliday, who—despite a stay on the 15-day disabled list (or “DL”)—is resting cozily at .303. It’ll be rather exciting to see where one of the team’s biggest stars will go once he’s added back to the roster!

Starting pitchers Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez are tied with the best win/loss percentages on the team at .769 each, despite Martinez’s slightly better ERA (earned run average) of 2.52 to Wacha’s 2.93. The stats for the rest of the starting pitchers break down like this: John Lackey with a win/loss of .583 and an ERA at 2.99, and Lance Lynn’s win/loss sitting at .545 with an ERA of 2.90. John Lackey has pitched an incredible 117 complete innings since the beginning of the season, with an equally striking 114 allowed hits in those 117 innings. Jaime Garcia is currently on the 15-day DL, resting with a win/loss record of .500 (he’s only pitched 6 games total) and an ERA of 1.69.

Anybody who followed the All Star pre-selection was aware of the overwhelming desire to see most if not all of the Los Angeles Dodgers be a part of the National League All Star team. Despite their lack of a best record or even some of the most talked-about baseball in all of the Major Leagues, the Dodgers remained a favorite for before and during the player selection. However, it should be expressly noted that none other than the St. Louis Cardinals tied the Los Angeles Dodgers for number of players selected for the National League All Star Team at 5 apiece.

The Cardinals ended up with Matt Holliday (outfield), Jhonny Peralta (infield), Yadier Molina (catcher), Wacha, and Martinez (both at the pitching position). Despite the strong start for the St. Louis Cardinals and their rock-solid offense, it will be interesting to see whether or not the National League All Star Team will be able to pull out only their 4th win in the past 10 years.

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